• £3.20 Small 30g
Description: Besides the Rooibos and the added fruits, this tea is made so special by the added moringa leaves. The moringa tree is called “Tree of Life” in its native region, the Himalaya. It has ..
Earl Grey (Bergamot)
  • £3.00 Small 30g
Description: The original Earl Grey tea was named after Charles Grey, Second Earl Grey in the 18th Century. At that time it consisted only of Chinese teas, flavoured with finest bergamot oil (citru..
Gingerbread Biscuit Orange
  • £3.50 Small 30g
Description:A very lavish, decorative and appealing tea which tempts with the taste of extraordinarily intense fresh gingerbread biscuits and sweet oranges. Exotic ingredients like pepper and coriand..
Honeybush Chocolate Cake
  • £3.80 £2.85 Small 40g
Description: Don't we all love a piece of chocolate cake now and again? What would the sweet teeth amongst us say to combining the relish of cake with a fantastic honeybush? This creation is an abs..
Honeybush Pure (Organic)
  • £3.30 Small 30g
Description: Just like redbush, honeybush was discovered in South Africa in the 17th century. The honeybush shrub owes its name to its characteristic appearance. The blossoms are bright yellow and sm..
  • £3.30 Small 30g
Description: The light green cup reminds of fresh green tea. The combination of lemon and vanilla flavour offers a light and delicate aroma, which is masterfully refined with a creamy vanilla flavo..
Oriental Night (Cinnamon/Vanilla)
  • £2.95 Small 30g
Description: This tea's name not only reflects its fantastic appearance, but also its sensual taste. Cinnamon and vanilla with a touch of jasmine will take you far away to the magical world of the ..
Pumpkin Cream
  • £3.15 Small 30g
Description: When thinking of pumpkin, the big, hollow Halloween pumpkins comes to mind first. But our new rooibos variety is not scary at all. The colourful decoration is given life by adding sele..



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