Ceylon Moragalla Oolong
  • £3.20 £2.40 Small 25g
Description: The Moragalla Estate is located close to the ocean in the south of the island at an altitude of only 60 m. The resulting elevated salt level in the soil is absorbed by the tea shrubs a..
Maple-Walnut Oolong (Maple Syrup Note)
  • £3.90 Small 30g
Description: When the first snow melts in the woods of Canada and the roots of the maple tree start taking up water, liquid springtime begins. The Indians already discovered the sweet juice, the go..
Milky Oolong
  • £4.90 Small 30g
Description: Probably one of the most unusual tea specialities in terms of production as well as character is produced almost entirely by hand in the Province of Fujian. Immediately after withering t..
Oolong Yuzu
  • £3.50 £2.62 Small 30g
Description: This signature Ceylon/Formosa Oolong base blend offers a whole new, harmonious taste experience with the fruity, tangy yuzu and light citrus notes. Let yourself be taken into the Japan..
£3.20 £2.40



£3.50 £2.62

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