Bad Weather Tea
  • £2.95 Small 20g
Description: Like every year, the time comes, when the pleasant and warm summer goes and autumn with its dark clouds that bring us rainy and stormy days looks around the corner. On such a bad weath..
Fall Foliage (Cherry/Fig/Pumpkin)
  • £2.95 Small 30g
Description: Who doesn't know this deep feeling of conviction that it is still summer?! Nevertheless, the days will start to get shorter and cooler, with some fog patches in the mornings. But you s..
Family Tea
  • £2.89 Small 20g
Description: This really is a tea for the whole family. Its secret are the many fine and very mild ingredients forming the basis for this almost acid free speciality. A beverage created for young and..
Free and Easy
  • £2.95 £2.65 Small 30g
Description: The very special look of this herb tea blend promises an extraordinary pleasure through its manifold colourful ingredients. The selected fruit pieces as well as original spices give fr..
Ginger Aronia (Organic)
  • £3.90 Small 45g
Description:Who are the companions of the aronia berry, which is becoming more and more popular? Strong and spicy ginger, sweet fennel and aniseed, fresh lemongrass and cooling mint, altogether with ..
Head over Heels
  • £3.15 Small 30g
Description: A smooth, pleasant herbal blend with many nuances of herbs and spices – completely without added flavouring. Fine, delicate herbs release their essential oils in the hot infusion and ..
  • £2.99 Small 25g
Description: A tea indulgence characterised by its lightness, which will cater for tranquillity and quietness not only in the evenings. Lean back, close your eyes and enjoy the moment... The bright..
Perfect World
  • £2.59 Small 12g
Description: When giving the names to our tea blends we like our teas to be the inspiration. With our tea creation Perfect World, this was exactly so. After we had made up our minds regarding the i..



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