Apple Cider (Apple Taste)
  • £3.90 Small 50g
Description:Autumn season: golden rays of the sun, a soft coat of mist covering fields and forests in the mornings, slowly falling leaves... The apples are harvested and we get to taste the first cid..
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Don Pistacchio (Pistachio)
  • £3.75 £2.62 Small 55g
Description: The scent and flavour of this smoothly sweet fruit tea blend immediately remind of the delicious, typically Italian truffle praline or ice cream speciality. As the marshmallows and choco..
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Elephant Blend (Banana/Coconut)
  • £3.20 £2.24 Small 30g
Description: Indeed, this blend impresses with its size. Fruit pieces of unusual size form the dominant part of this tea. However, not only the optic is impressive. Sweet, fruity bananas with a nippy..
Hamburger Grütze
  • £3.75 Small 60g
Description: This select blend of various berries, enriched with many red fruits is rounded by the flavour of the popular northern German dessert. The original dessert is similar to a pudding which..
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Lemon Waffle (Lemon/Caramel Note)
  • £3.85 £2.69 Small 50g
Description: The taste of this fruit tea indeed reminds of a sweet waffle, the dough of which was refined with fresh lemon juice. The well-balanced ingredients as well as the very special selection..
Mulled Wine (Red Wine/Orange/Cinnamon)
  • £3.75 Small 50g
Description: Is there anyone who does not know this wintry wine punch, which ensures so many sociable evenings? This tea blend is a real taste explosion thanks to the exceptional flavour compositio..
Old Love (Forest fruits)
  • £3.95 Small 60g
Description:An intense berry experience! This version of our delicious berry blend will surprise you with different taste nuances. The light, tangy berry notes harmonize perfectly with the intense ap..
Pleasure (Strawberry-Raspberry)
  • £3.40 Small 30g
Description: A colourful selection of delicious fruits and berries from the garden has been lovingly brought together in our basket to create a very special fruit tea blend for our especially deman..

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