Assam TGFOP Hatidubi Smokey "Fu Soonga"
  • £3.50 Small 30g
Description: The tea makers from the Hatidubi Tea Factory located in the Golagath District have surprised us with a very well turned out experiment: perhaps Assam’s first real smoky tea! Fu Soonga ..
Breather (Vanilla/Aniseed note)
  • £3.70 Small 30g
Description: This tea is like filling your lungs with fresh, clear morning air! A hint of sweetish licorice and a lively, refreshing citrus flavour with a creamy, rounding vanilla note make this tea ..
Cucumber Queen
  • £3.30 Small 30g
Description: It's time to enter the royal circle with this tea creation. Since the Queen doesn't deign to invite us to tea we present our very own High Tea with scones, cucumber sandwiches and a he..
Darjeeling TGFOP1 Margaret's Hope
  • £3.60 Small 30g
Description: In remembrance of his early deceased daughter Margaret that had loved this garden very much, the proprietor Mr. Bagdon gave her name to the plantation in the early 1930's. Also on this..
Earl Grey Excelsior (Bergamot)
  • £3.20 Small 30g
Description: Probably the best known flavour for tea is produced from citrus fruits similar to oranges which come from southern regions. This aroma is presented here in a particularly special manne..
English Breakfast (Broken)
  • £2.95 Small 30g
Description: Select broken teas from Assam and Sumatra form the basis for an extremely yielding quality, which is equally powerful and aromatic. It presents a marvellously dark infusion with a mal..
Gojiberry (Gojib./Pomegranate)
  • £3.50 Small 40g
Description: In the land of the (extinct) volcanoes Turfan, Tianshan, Kunlun, Keluo and many, many more, we have found lava-red gold! Do you have an idea yet where we are? Correct, in China! Our bl..
Irish Breakfast (Broken)
  • £3.20 Small 30g
Description: With an annual per-capita consumption of more than 3 kg, the Irish are still the world champions when it comes to drinking tea. They have a special preference for very strong blends, ..








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