Chakra Tea
  • £3.15 Small 30g
Description: Come and begin a journey through your body and bring it with spirit and soul into harmony. Let the effect of all these individual spices and colours do their deed. Chakra is Sanskrit f..
Men's Activity Tea
  • £3.25 Small 30g
Description: Traditions from the Ayurvedic teachings form the basis for this blend, which fulfills all expectations on a herb tea. The interesting spicy and tangy herbal taste with a hint of ginger..
Vata Tea
  • £3.50 Small 45g
Description: Due to the full and slightly sweet aroma with a hint of liquorice, this blend is an ideal companion for anyone under stress. The refreshing and vitalising energy of this blend will be tr..
Women's Activity Tea
  • £3.60 Small 45g
Description: An attractive appearance due to the large portion of orange peel and the big pieces of the different ingredients which fully unfold their flavours and components. It has a spicy scent ..




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