Apple/Mint (Organic)
  • £3.45 Small 40g
Description: The delightful combination of two humble, well-known ingredients forms a new classic. This tea is refreshing no matter the season. A small portion of green Sencha wonderfully underline..
Bad Weather Tea
  • £2.90 Small 20g
Description: Like every year, the time comes, when the pleasant and warm summer goes and autumn with its dark clouds that bring us rainy and stormy days looks around the corner. On such a bad weath..
Bon Tea (Chocolate/ Coconut)
  • £2.95 £2.21 Small 30g
Description: White beaches, crystal clear water, the rustle of palm leaves, Caribbean music in the background, sun-tanned skin and a happy mood... The pleasure of chocolate and coconuts would brin..
Caribbean Kiss (Grapefruit)
  • £3.40 Small 30g
Description: What do you think the kiss of a pirate from the caribbean tastes like on stormy waters? Surely soft, slightly herb and definitely with that special something... hot! We have captured t..
  • £3.20 Small 30g
Description: Besides the Rooibos and the added fruits, this tea is made so special by the added moringa leaves. The moringa tree is called “Tree of Life” in its native region, the Himalaya. It has ..
Cucumber Queen
  • £3.30 £2.47 Small 30g
Description: It's time to enter the royal circle with this tea creation. Since the Queen doesn't deign to invite us to tea we present our very own High Tea with scones, cucumber sandwiches and a he..
Don Pistacchio (Pistachio)
  • £3.95 £2.96 Small 55g
Description: The scent and flavour of this smoothly sweet fruit tea blend immediately remind of the delicious, typically Italian truffle praline or ice cream speciality. As the marshmallows and choco..
Earl Grey (Bergamot)
  • £3.00 Small 30g
Description: The original Earl Grey tea was named after Charles Grey, Second Earl Grey in the 18th Century. At that time it consisted only of Chinese teas, flavoured with finest bergamot oil (citru..


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