100 Tea Filters and Stick
Description:Chose the "100 Tea Filters and Stick" with the best comfort and high quality. The included stick makes filling easier and stabilises the filter while infusing. The filter is made out..
Original Unbleached Paper Tea Filters (100 pieces)
Description:Chose the "Original Unbleached Paper Tea Filter" with the best comfort and highest quality. The tall slip opening of the filters makes it easy to fill and use without any filter holder. T..
Single Cup Tea Filter
Description:For all leaf, fruit, herbal, infusions and fine teas, this tea filter is designed to fit cups, mugs and teapots. We love the beauty in the simplicity of this item, easily enjoy a healthy ..
Tea Bones Tea Infuser
Description:This tea infuser will give you the creeps while it steeps! After you're done brewing, rest the skull on the handy crossbones. Ahhh, there' s nothing like a nice, hot cup of macabre. Feat..
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